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Attention Trade Business Owner!

This Bucket Solves 3 of Your Most Challenging Business Problems

While Your Customers Thank You For It










The Magic of Word of Mouth

Ask any trades business owner, and they’ll tell you that most of their customers come from word of mouth. These days it comes from 3 sources:

  1. 1 to 1. A happy customer tells their family and friends about your business.
  2. Social Media. People recommend your business when asked by other users.
  3. Online Reviews.  Reviews posted on sites like Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, etc., help consumers choose your business

In addition, repeat happy customers add to the revenue of your business. You can call it “Self Word of Mouth”.

The 3 Problems

While word of mouth and repeat customers will grow your business, there are 3 problems with them:

  • Reviews are not easy to get. If you asked for them you know it’s true.
  • Referrals may not happen if your customer does not have your contact information readily available. They may end up saying “Just search it on Google”.
  • Repeat business does not always happen if the customer has a pressing issue and cannot find your contact information.

So the questions are:


How to get more reviews from your customers?

How to keep your contact information in front of your customers?










Introducing the solution:

The trADe bucket!

The Patented Ultimate Giveaway that

  • Instantly increases the number of reviews you get
  • Keeps your contact information in front of your customers for repeat business and referrals

How Does It Work?

Job Completion

After the job is complete, you hand your customer the trADe bucket and show them its value by using a short video.

Ask for the Review

Shortly after, email and/or text the customer asking for a review based on the good job you’ve done.

Because the custoemr also got a valuable gift from you, they are much more likely to return a favor.

Get Referrals

When asked to recommend business like yours, all they need to do is glance over and communicate the contact information that is on the trADe bucket.

No need to search for your business card, look through their phone contacts, or search Google.

Repeat Business

When your customer faces another situation that requires your help, they have your contact information right in front of their eyes.

Fast and easy.

Who is It For?

If you run or manage a trade business (see list below), the trADe bucket is for you!





  • Air conditioning contractor
  • Concrete contractor
  • Drywall contractor
  • Electric vehicle charging station contractor
  • Electrician
  • Fence contractor
  • Flooring contractor
  • Gardener
  • General contractor
  • Handyman/Handywoman/Handyperson
  • Heating contractor
  • HVAC contractor
  • Landscape designer
  • Landscaper
  • Painter
  • Paving contractor
  • Plumber
  • Roofing contractor
  • Sheet metal contractor
  • Siding contractor
  • Stucco contractor
  • Swimming pool contractor
  • Tile contractor